Printable June Social Media Planner by Judette Coward

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This monthly Social Media Planning Workbook is designed to help you to create and distribute brilliant content that your fans and tribe will love. 

The June Social Media Monthly Planning Workbook will make a significant shift in how you plan your content and social media shares.

If you are building a brand online, expect this Planner to empower you to share your gifts, products, and services with the world.

Get relieved from social media stress.  Grow your impact, influence, and income because you've finally taken control of your social media schedule with a monthly planner that is designed to help you create your best posts ever.  


  • Daily and monthly spreads designed for timely and effective social media planning for the month of June
  • A space for idea dumping and get clarity about the month ahead
  • A tracker to plan and measure your budgets and social media spend
  • A spread to track daily and monthly social media engagement
  • A space to document your big wins and reward your teams
  • Inspiring quotations to feed creativity and provoke intentional living

Key Highlight:

This Planner contains a system that works to help you effectively think and plan your content for the month of June.  It can be downloaded, printed and shared.


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