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Printable October Social Media Planner by Judette Coward

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Why You Should Get This Online Fillable Social Media Planner

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a hairstylist with a small thriving salon or a brand manager controlling the image of a multimillion-dollar corporate brand. What matters most is your ability to plan and tell great stories on social media. But great stories don't get pulled from a hat, they require planning and thought and strategy.

The November Social Media Planning Workbook will help you understand and develop the stories you wish to share and then break those up into captions and images that your customers and clients can relate to.

The November Social Media Planning Workbook contains monthly and weekly grids for effective content planning, trackers for budgeting and spaces for recording your big ideas and reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. The end result is a planned social media feed that turns customers into raving fans who believe in the products and services you offer the world.


  • Dedicated areas to facilitate idea dumping and brainstorming
  • A financial tracker to plan and measure your brand’s monthly social media spend
  • A series of spreads to track daily and monthly social media engagement
  • A space to document your big wins and reward your teams
  • Inspiring quotations to feed creativity and provoke intentional living
  • Increase productivity, get organized and find balance with content planning tips to help you streamline your social media content


 Key Highlight:

These social media worksheets can be printed and shared with your teams and offer a valuable way to engage in effective social media planning for the month of October. 

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