"Everything you need to know and understand to plan content that will radically engage your fans and customers, allowing you and your brand to have the impact you were both designed to create."

Is This You?

Do you struggle to create content that attracts and inspires your ideal fans and followers?

Do You Know How to Create Compelling Content?

Do you understand the soul of your brand and how it connects to the stories and posts you share on social media?

Are You Frustrated?

Do you wish you could schedule content and draft captions days, weeks, or months in advance?

If you want to learn how to write, plan and share stories on social
media in a manner that INSPIRES people to say “YES”.
Yes to you
Yes to your brand
Yes to the products and services you bring to the world…




The Social Media Planner Is...

A Learning Tool

Knowing how to create and plan posts that cut through the noise and connect from the heart is a real gift. But it is also something you can learn. The Social Media Planner contains a guided learning tool with an eight-step programme of short, creative exercises that will allow you to plan and create content that connect the soul of your brand to the heart of the stories you wish to share.

An Ideas Dump

Some of your best ideas for content are random, sparked by a single thought, a deep conversation, a spectacular view. A section for Ideas Dumping allows clarity, focus and perspective.

A “Social” Calendar

Using the UNESCO calendar, the Social Media Planner records commemorative days alongside retail dates leaving you with one less thing to think about and more time to plan ahead.

A Financial Tracker

With ample room to write your budgets, record how much you spend and your expected returns, your financial tracker is designed to give you clarity about your campaigns.

A Time Manager

Your Social Media Planner will allow you to organise everything: your content, your ideas and your time.

A Daily Content Planner

Our twelve-month calendar will help you plan your stories and content effectively every day of the year.

A Place for Reflection

Did your posts hit the sweet spot? Did you meet your goals? Did you thank your team? The Reflections section will help you focus on what and who matters the most.

An Inspired Space

Stay sane with inspirational quotes and illustrations about planning and creativity that will fuel your content strategy.

The Social Media Planner is a product of Forward Forty, a Life & Style media brand

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