Printable 8 Step Guide To Social Media Success by Judette Coward

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These 8 exercises are like no other you’ll ever do as you try to find and develop your brand’s voice on social media. While they may look like fun, they are strategically designed to help you understand the fundamentals of your brand social media persona and how it can be used to create more authentic bonds with your customers,  both existing and potential. 

The short, illustrated exercises will bring clarity to your brand in a digital space. You will colour, draw, write, think and reflect. At the end of the exercises, you will understand exactly what you need to do to radically engage with your customers and fans. You will also feel more purposeful about  the stories and content you can share.


  • Motivational Insights & Instructional Pages
  • Build your brand story
  • Discover your online brand Identity, 
  • Know which social media channels best fit you and your brand
  • Gain insights into your content plan
  • Go deep on a vision board
  • Plan your budget
  • Understand the big picture and why you’re on Social Media 


Who Is It For 

This Printable is for everyone - influencers, bloggers, companies, public relations specialists, marketing professionals, communications staff, brands, corporations, solopreneurs - basically anyone who has a social media page and wants to make it work for them.

It will help you understand your brand, find the voice appropriate for your social media feeds, analyze your audience, understand your communications and define your stories and more. With a defined strategy your brand will stand out with content designed to make your customers become passionate about the products and services you offer the world. 

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